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Why Pre-IPO

Pre-IPO Investing


At Keyport Venture Partners, we specialize in pre-IPO investing, offering unique opportunities for you to invest in startups before they go public. Most investors have never even heard of pre-IPO capital investment opportunities, because they’re often only available to individuals with high net worth, professional investors, wholesale investors, or investment funds. Even if you have a high net worth, you need to know the right people to get connected to these investment opportunities.

At Keyport Venture Partnersl, we work to make pre-IPO investing accessible to you. As a pre-IPO venture capital firm, we can gain access to pre-IPO investing opportunities at privately held companies and allow smaller investors to get in on portions of the investment.

Benefits Of Pre-IPO Capital Investment

Unlike the dot-com bubble of the 1990s when the biggest gains came after companies went public, much more wealth is being created these days as private companies raise financing from venture capital firms. This venture capital financing is pushing valuations of these private companies far higher, with at least 78 such companies now worth at least $1 billion each compared to just 49 a year ago. Many privately held companies like Uber, Snapchat, and Airbnb have also set strict limits on selling shares, and many privately held companies are waiting longer to go public than they used to.

All of this puts the ideal time for investment at the point before these companies go public. Pre-IPO shares offer an opportunity for you to get in on the investment before others do. At Keyport Capital, we’ll walk you through the pre-IPO venture capital opportunities available and how to get pre-IPO shares.

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